Academic/U.S. Military Verification

Academic/U.S. Military Verification

Students in a full- or part-time degree program, Academic Faculty and Staff must prove their academic status by providing a current and valid Academic ID from any high school, college or university (both US-based and international), as well as government-issued ID that verifies their identity.

Current and former U.S. Military must provide redacted of sensitive information military orders, or DD 214 as proof.

Once your status is approved, discounted pricing will automatically show when you place items in your cart.

To receive discounted pricing, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an REFM Member Account (if you have not already done so)
  2. Login to your account then click on the “Credentials Verification” link at the top of the website to return to this page.
  3. Take a single photo of both your Academic ID/redacted of sensitive information military orders/DD 214, and your Driver’s license/passport (if you don’t have an Academic ID because you are an online student, take a picture or screenshot of your school portal page when you are logged into it).
  4. Upload the image using the image uploader (Choose File button) below and then click the Submit button

NOTE: Please just show the photo and name portion of your Driver’s license/passport (cover the non-photo portion by placing your Academic/U.S. Military orders or DD 214 on top). All we are trying to see is that the photos on the two IDs match. We do not want you to expose your date of birth or license # or any other sensitive information.

Please allow 48 hours for verification of your status, although we usually approve them within 1 business day. Once we approve your status you’ll receive an email from Upon your next login, discounted pricing will show.

 Please use a filename unique to you, not “IDandLicense.jpg”. If after attempting to upload, you get an error message that “the file you uploaded already exists”, rename your file with a more unique filename and try again.

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