Corporate live training

REFM corporate training sets up your employees for success by teaching them real estate fundamentals and how to be more productive in Excel.

Corporate training clients include

A high-impact, A+ training session for our analysts; well worth it!
Matthew CasperManaging Director, Park Hill Group
Training our analyst class with REFM is best practice at JBG Smith.
Moina BanerjeeChief Financial Officer, JBG Smith

See remote training in action

Examples of interactive Q&A at 5:40 and 6:35 marks.

Why firms choose REFM

  • Our time-tested training content is second to none in terms of refinement, depth and breadth
  • Our efficient teaching and learning format makes the most of contact hours
  • Our signature interactive, high-engagement training style
  • Our skills assessment and Certification testing programs that prove employee learning
  • We do not invest directly in real estate, so we pose no conflicts to client businesses

How corporate in-house training works

To make sure we understand your needs and expectations, we will schedule an exploratory phone conversation. Once we know your requirements, we will provide a formal proposal. On-site training can be as short as one-half day, and as long as two full days or more.


  • Access to the Corporate Course Pack version of the Linneman/Kirsch textbook
  • Higher return on investment than sending multiple individuals to public trainings
  • Improved Excel-based problem-solving and analysis skills, quicker work turnaround and fewer mistakes
  • Increased confidence in advanced sensitivity analysis abilities
  • Improved financial modeling knowledge, understanding and customization capabilities
  • Heightened credibility with potential partners, lenders, investors and internal stakeholders


Popular training delivery formats include

  • Self study by employees and online Certification testing in advance of on-site training
  • Full-day on-site training over 2-3 consecutive days
  • Multiple real-time 1-hour webinars


Popular courses include

  • REFM’s Level 1 through 3 Bootcamps
    • Excel For Real Estate
    • Real Estate Finance
    • Single Transaction Equity Joint Venture Partnership Waterfall Modeling
  • Individual asset transaction modeling
    • Apartment Building Acquisition and Unit Renovation
    • Retail Property Operating Projection and Acquisition Screening Analysis
    • Mixed-Use Condominium Building Development
  • Private Equity Fund Modeling

Our off-the-shelf content library

Our catalog of current training offerings is available below. Custom-tailored programs and testing are available upon request. Email with inquiries.

Download Catalog

Ready to talk about your needs?

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