Access Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking for the Retargeting Campaigns

Log into Google Analytics and navigate to the => view, then select Acquisition => AdWords => Accounts you will be able to see ecommerce data. Ecommerce data is currently only for product purchase. Where no revenue is shown, the product in question was a free one.

To see Valuate signups, select Goal 5: New signup from the Conversions drop down menu as shown here.

You might also like to consider assisted conversions, as sometimes users come back multiple times before purchasing or signing up. To do this, navigate to Conversions => Multi-Channel Funnels => Assisted Conversions in the left hand sidebar menu.

Then, change the conversion type to the one/s you are interested in as shown here. AdWords will come up in this report as Display or Paid Search.

Please reach out to  Jess Spate <> with any questions.

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