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<h1>Multi-family core and value-add underwriting is here</h1>

Current Product Features

Applies to all existing properties

Commercial real estate, multi-family, hotel, and self-storage — Valuate can analyze it.

Also applies to residential flips

Want to run numbers on a quick house flip? Valuate can do this, too.

Shares easily over email

No better way to communicate about a real estate deal than to share a file with a single click.

Transparency delivered

Information icons galore. Just hover your cursor over any of them and answers appear.

Smart alerts

Model with abandon, we’ll alert you about potential underwriting oversights.

Sensitivity analysis

Sensitivity tables provide insights into the risks and opportunities in prospective transactions.

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<h4>A pro-forma in your pocket™</h4>
<h5>We’ve made projection analysis elegant and convenient.</h5>
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<h2 style=”text-align: left; padding-left: 30px;”><span style=”color: #000000;”>Smart decisions through automated feedback</span></h2>
<h2 style=”text-align: left; padding-left: 30px;”><span style=”color: #000000;”>Fast comparison of properties and scenarios</span></h2>
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Valuate allowed me to have a key deal ready for investor presentation <strong>within 24 hours.</strong>
Paul J. Grainger, Vice PresidentIconic Real Estate Investments
Evaluating an investment property is <strong>common sense</strong> with Valuate.
Mike Vachani, PresidentProvenio Realty &amp; Investment
Valuate is the <strong>ultimate deal screening tool.</strong> I wish I had it when I started my CRE career!
Ryan Crane, Vice PresidentKruger Real Estate
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Valuate is REFM’s web-based property financial analysis and property transaction marketing platform that can make you more efficient in screening properties by streamlining your workflow, and that can enhance your collaboration internally and with your partners. The results of using Valuate will be increased productivity, faster insights, and more time and energy to see more deals and to use your judgment as a businessperson instead of to just verify that the numbers are adding correctly.

Buyers are frustrated by the financial analysis activity. The sources of your frustrations all potentially decrease your profitability. The three primary pain points are that it just takes too long to run and rerun analyses, too many mistakes and omissions are made, and it’s hard to keep track of the different versions of the files and which was shared with whom internally and externally. The latter hurts collaboration efforts, and this naturally leads to wasted time and energy. As you know well, spending your time and energy wisely is half the battle when pursuing transactions.

Valuate gives buyer principals and investors an advantage by helping you to work faster, preventing mistakes and omissions, and making file tracking and collaboration a lot easier. It serves for buyers as the ultimate deal-screening tool, providing what has always been sought but never before achieved in commercial real estate, which is pro-forma precision at back of the envelope speed, on all bases: unlevered, levered as well as joint venture.

Valuate does so on what is the second half of the financial analysis process, where the first half is generating the property-level operating cash flow projection, and the second half is applying purchase, sale, debt and equity and JV mechanics. In the case of financial analyses of acquisition and disposition of existing retail, industrial and office properties, Valuate replaces the use of Excel, acting as a companion to ARGUS. In the case of multi-family, hotel and self-storage properties, it replaces the use of Excel for that second half of the analysis.

The Dashboard screen illustrates Valuate’s clean, crisp, polished presentation, which is well-labeled and very intuitive to navigate. Valuate’s interface has incorporated some of the familiar conventions of an Excel spreadsheet, such as the formatting of inputs in bold blue type, so that it has a natural feel. The Dashboard screen is a hybrid input and reporting screen, and provides the perfect Executive Summary view of the transaction.

What’s convenient and productivity-enhancing is that key transaction analysis inputs are editable right on the Dashboard, so if you don’t want to go anywhere else in the application you don’t have to — you can manipulate impactful deal drivers from this single screen and see the investment returns key performance indicators adjust in real time.

The biggest time-saver and best part is that no matter what the unique collection of line items you include in your analysis, Valuate accepts them all and finds the subtotal lines automatically — there is no reconciliation or vetting of totals needed. This is a huge step forward from spending 15 minutes carefully checking to make sure that each line item was mapped properly to an Excel file, and then validating manually that all of the subtotals and totals tie. This same copying and pasting works when sourcing the cash flows directly from the ARGUS property level report screen.

Additionally, Valuate has intelligent data validation warnings that will automatically alert you when you are doing or failing to do something that doesn’t make sense in the context of the analysis.

The gains that Valuate brings to collaboration are astounding. Once you have a file that you are ready to present, you simply click the share button, and a separate private copy of the file will be generated for you to share with your partners, who can then log in and manipulate inputs individually and privately, all without impacting your copy of the file. This can be done while on the phone, reducing a lot of the back and forth, compressing the timeline of a discussion or a negotiation.

You can actually do almost everything in Valuate right from your phone or tablet while in a taxi or waiting for the subway. The time that Valuate can free up by allowing this access from mobile devices is significant.

Once you get your hands on the platform, you’ll see why top real estate investors are telling their investment sales property brokers to “Valuate it” and share deal analyses with them that way.

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