Manual:bulk deletion of Academic Verification form’s user file uploads


Students submit their credentials for verification From there, Bruce reviews and adds the users to the “student” role.

The main issue is that we don’t want the uploads to stay on the server.  An ideal solution would automatically purge the uploads..  Deleting a month old uploads Manually is fine too , since the requests are mostly proceeded quickly as the requests arrive .

To manually delete:

Go to the list at Forms > Academic Verification Credentials Upload > Entries :

From there, filter the list to only show entries older than the last month:


Once the list is filtered down, then select all, and click the link that says “Select all xxx entries” to select all the old entries. From the bulk actions dropdown, choose “Trash” and click Apply. This will move them all to the trash.

Finally, click on the Trash tab, and then Empty Trash

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