REFM software tools

REFM software tools have been involved in the raising and placement of billions of dollars of equity and debt capital.

REFM software tools

Valuate® web-based platform



Take analysis and presentation to the next level with Valuate, accessible from any web browser. Valuate gives you:

  • crash-proof computations
  • smart input validations
  • 1-click sharing of files

Excel projection templates



100% transparency and control are yours with our projection templates. Our fully-unlocked spreadsheet pro formas give you:

  • familiar format and page layouts
  • customization ability
  • presentation-ready reports

Excel back of envelope templates



Nothing helps you screen potential deals in or out of your pipeline like our BOTE models. These free templates give you:

  • a clean, 1-page format
  • going-in returns measures
  • single future year projection
Valuate is the ultimate deal screening tool! I don’t know how I lived without it.
Ryan Crane, VPKruger Real Estate

We love your Excel models. They give us peace of mind and save us huge amounts of time. We recommend these to everyone in CRE!

SR Mills, PresidentBear Development
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