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Professional Version: Hotel Ground-Up Development Pro-Forma Template



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An Excel-based analysis tool for the ground-up development, operation and eventual disposition of a hotel. The model is monthly in nature. It is a 100% unlocked Excel file with fully transparent formulas that can be further tailored to suit the particulars of your transactions.

User-friendly Features

  • Compatible with both PC and Mac
  • Includes instructions for use, with detailed annotations tied to select cells
  • Two-page assumptions input and reporting screen optimized for dashboard-style viewing
  • Persistent calculation checks and data validation protections to prevent faulty inputs
  • Hyperlink navigation enables fast, intuitive access to all tabs
  • Institutional-quality print-ready reporting tabs that are brandable to your company
  • S-Curve distribution of Soft Costs by individual line item
  • No circular references impacting the calculation of the construction loan size and funded interest
  • Includes copy/paste tab for “next buyer” analysis to be housed and presented in REFM’s Valuate® web-based software

Functional Highlights

The model supports the following:

  • Levels of service up through Full Service properties
  • Land loan, two layers of construction financing, an interim loan, and a permanent loan
  • Up to three joint venture equity partnership players and up to two 5-tier lookback-based IRR waterfalls.

Model Tabs

1    Back of the Envelope Model
2    Assumptions Input
3    Capital Structure Exhibit
4    Monthly Sources and Uses of Funds Input
5    Monthly Cash Flow Exhibit
6    Annual Sources and Uses of Funds Exhibit
7    Annual Cash Flow Exhibit
8    Master Retail Leasing Exhibit
9    Retail Tenant 1 Input
10  Retail Tenant 2 Input
11  Retail Tenant 3 Input
12  Joint Venture Partnership Structure Input
13  Monthly Waterfall #1 Exhibit
14  Monthly Waterfall #2 Exhibit
15  Joint Venture Partnership Returns Exhibit – 3 Players
16  Joint Venture Partnership Returns Exhibit – 2 Players
17  Transaction Summary Exhibit
18-19 Monthly Interim Loan Amortization Exhibits
20-21 Monthly Permanent Loan Amortization Exhibits
22  Retail Tenant Improvement and Leasing Commissions Amortization Exhibit
23  Soft Costs Budget Schedule Input
24  Hard Cost Budget Schedule Input
25  Monthly Construction Bell Curve Lookup Table

Model Timeline

5 years of development and an additional 11 years of operation (expandable)


Print-ready, brandable reports are included in the model. See the Sample Reports link above.

License Type And Multiple-User Pricing

Licenses are sold on a per-user basis
Multi-user pricing quotes are available here

Included With Purchase

  • Blank template (inputs are all set to zero) and a version of the template with a sample deal loaded in
  • Standard version of the template for crisp presentation of less complex deals
  • 1 year of online ticket-based support

SPECIAL BONUS ($179 value)

Equity Joint Venture Partnership and Waterfall Modeling Bootcamp Video Tutorial included with purchase

Includes the following items, which never expire:

 Online access to an easily navigated 80-minute Video Tutorial, playable on any device including PC, Mac, phones and tablets

 PDF of the 60-slide presentation

 Accompanying fully-unlocked, annotated Excel file, compatible with both PC and Mac, with the following tabs:

  1. Preferred Return Non-Compounded Annual
  2. Preferred Return Non-Compounded Annual Solution
  3. Preferred Return Compounded Monthly
  4. Preferred Return Compounded Monthly Solution
  5. 3-Tier Annual Waterfall with Look-Back
  6. Double-Promote Profit Sharing
  7. Double-Promote Monthly Waterfall # 1 with Look-Back
  8. Exercise – Rebuild Tier #3
  9. Double-Promote Monthly Waterfall #2 with Look-Back
  10. Double Promote Returns Summary Exhibit
  11. Alternate Compounding Periods
  12. Sample Partnership Structure 1
  13. Sample Partnership Structure 2
  14. Sample Partnership Structure 3
  15. Claw-Back.
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