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Professional Version: Office/Industrial/Retail Landlord-Perspective Comparative Lease Financial Analysis Template



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An Excel-based tool for an office, industrial or retail landlord-side comparative financial analysis of three lease offers, whether Full Service, Gross or NNN. The model is monthly in nature, and it is a 100% unlocked Excel file with fully transparent formulas that can be further tailored to suit the particulars of your transactions.

User-Friendly Features

  • Compatible with both PC and Mac
  • Includes instructions for use, with detailed annotations tied to select cells
  • Two-page assumptions input and reporting screen optimized for dashboard-style viewing
  • Persistent calculation checks and data validation protections to prevent faulty inputs
  • Comparison Summary tab for side-by-side viewing of all three tenants, which prints on a single page
  • Easy toggling between Full Service, Gross and NNN lease types

Functional Highlights

  • Rent escalations by % and/or dollar step, and free rent
  • Percentage rent, and parking and storage income
  • TIs paid according to bell-shaped curve allocations
  • LCs paid in multiple installments
  • Cancellation options and penalties
  • Rent vs. own analysis
  • TI Depreciation schedule

Model Tabs

1    Comparison Summary
2    Lease Offer #1 Analysis
3    Lease Offer #2 Analysis
4    Lease Offer #3 Analysis
5    TI Fit-out Bell-shaped Curves
6    TI and LC Amortization

Model Timeline

25 years (expandable)


Print-ready, brandable reports are included in the model. See the Sample Reports above.

License Type And Multiple-User Pricing

Licenses are sold on a per-user basis
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Included With Purchase

  • Blank template (inputs are all set to zero) and a version of the template with a sample deal loaded in
  • 1 year of online ticket-based support

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Support Level

Standard Support, Priority Support

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