SpreadsheetGrader Online Excel Skills Assessment Testing

Assess employee candidate Excel skills without inspecting a single formula.

“My Excel Skills Are Great!”

Heard that before? Find out the truth with SpreadsheetGrader, a software service that deploys and automatically grades Excel-based assessment tests, allowing you to quickly compare candidates on a standardized basis.

How Does It Work?

You or your staff can upload any semi-blank Excel-based spreadsheet you wish to the system for candidates to complete based on your given instructions. The candidate’s submission will be automatically and instantly graded by the system based on the answer key you provide, requiring no manual spreadsheet grading labor or time on your part.

Still Want To Audit Candidate Work?

You have the option to review the formulas submitted by employee candidates, but are not required to do so.

What Is It Like?

For Job Candidates


Candidates receive an email from the SpreadsheetGrader system when an assignment, quiz or test is made available by you. All candidates have to do is click on the link in the email and they can begin the test. No username or password is needed!


The user interface is similar to Excel, so candidates can dive right in, using the entire library of Excel functions and popular keyboard shortcuts.


Upon submitting the completed test, candidates will receive whatever level of results feedback you choose to give them.

For Employers and Recruiters


An employer representative is set up as a Group Leader in the SpreadsheetGrader system.


Upon logging in to administrator panel, the Group Leader is met with a simple, clean user interface.


Group Leaders can:

  • Create a new test question and assign it to a new test or to an existing test
  • Clone an existing question or test
  • Edit an existing question or test
  • Configure test settings related to:
    •   Passing score threshold
    •    E-mail notifications to you and the test-taker
    •    Test-taker post-test results messaging
    •    Amount of time given for a question
  • Deploy tests to candidates
  • View reports of individual and applicant group performance.

Clients Include

See SpreadsheetGrader In Action

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