HP 12c Calculator Skills For Real Estate Certification

HP 12c Calculator Skills For Real Estate Certification

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Overview and Pricing

Strengthen your skills and resume with HP 12c Certification, all for FREE

Microsoft Excel is just a big, fancy calculator with a computer interface layered on top. The most popular handheld calculator used in commercial real estate is the Hewlett-Packard (HP) 12c. There are a number of skills that are critical to master on the 12c as it relates to real estate analysis. REFM’s Calculator Skills Certification program provides a free Self-Study Guide to learn these skills, and an online Certification Test to prove your having mastered them.




The Self-Study Guide, Video Tutorial and Certification test are all free.

Program Eligibility And Details

Eligibility: Anyone who wishes to pursue HP 12c Calculator Skills Certification is an eligible Candidate.

Cost: The Certification Test is free. Preparatory materials are also free (see Test Preparation below).

Body Of Knowledge Tested: Click on the Body Of Knowledge sub-navigation at left to view the skills tested

Requirements: There are no pre-requisites to taking the Certification Test. You must have an HP 12c calculator to take the test.

Format: The Test is online, and must be completed in 30 minutes. Use of the HP 12c and the REFM Self-Study Guide are allowed.

Testing Schedule: The Test is available online, 24/7/365 (click on the link at left to try sample questions, and to take the Test). Tests can also be specially administered on-site at corporate and educational facilities. Email testing@GetREFM.com to inquire.

Testing Conditions: The Tests are timed, and the timer may not be stopped, so the Test must be completed in a single sitting. Candidates must not receive any outside assistance during the Test.

Test Preparation: Preparation is strongly encouraged by studying our Self-Study Guide and watching our Video Tutorial.

Passing Requirements: The Test is designed to be challenging to match the rigor required in the workplace to perform analyses in a timely and efficient manner. The passing score is 70%.

Credentials: Candidates will receive a Certificate of Completion and they may elect to have their name listed in the REFM Certification Database for verification by employers.

Body Of Knowledge

The Certification Program teaches and tests all of the critical skills in the use of the HP 12c financial calculator for real estate analysis, including:

  • Financial Registers
  • Simple Interest On A 360- Or 365-Day Basis
  • Compound Interest
  • Periodic and Annual Interest Rates
  • Nominal Interest Rate Conversion to Effective Interest Rate
  • Effective Interest Rate Conversion to Nominal Interest Rate
  • Weighted Average Functions
  • Discounting Cash Flows: Net Present Value and IRR
  • Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR)
  • Annual Percentage Interest Rate Calculations with Fees
  • Price of a Mortgage Traded at a Discount or Premium
  • Yield of a Mortgage Traded at a Discount or Premium
  • A Self-Study E-book may be found here
  • A Video Tutorial may be found here.

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